need advise on grid like control...

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Tue Aug 24 21:31:54 EDT 2004

> So, anyone here got an advise? I am planning to make a grid like this:
> * first column is a status column is a status one, it will show a 
> image (red ball or green ball depending on the status)
> * second column is a string with the project task title (yes, variable 
> width...)
> * from the third and beyond, I would like to put the days and color 
> them depending on the context.
Firstly, download Rinaldi's TabRuler plugin - it makes working with 
tabStops enormously easier: go to <> and 
click on the “Revolution Stuff” button in the column on the left. In 
the plugins section of his Revolution page, you will see “TabRuler.” 
Click on the disk icon to download the zip file.

Secondly, I don't quite see what is causing the problems. You aren't 
trying to do anything too weird and I use tables for this sort of thing 
a lot. Set your tabStops and make sure you have vertical grid turned on 
- this stops columns with lots of text overlapping the next column, 
although if you don't want to show the grid, you can make it the same 
color as the field.

You can either use htmlText to format the lines (image & color), or put 
a space in the first column of each line and use the imageSource 
property to show your status images instead of the space. With the 
colors of the later columns, I would write a handler that takes the row 
number, column number & color and sets the relevant characters to the 
specified color.

Lastly, have a look at Chipp's altFldHeader which allows you to use a 
group of header buttons to resize and sort columns in the associated 


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