getting past OutLook?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Aug 24 19:53:28 EDT 2004

Rich Lague wrote:

>     I'm trying to send my new application to the people I work with -- I 
> work at  a university health clinic. The whole university is run on 
> Windows, which I don't know much about. OutLook will nto let me send it 
> to any of the computers of my co-workers. It objected to the ".exe" tag 
> at the end of the file name. So, I tried changing the tag to ".edb", 
> (the ending used in the turtorial,) but OutLook still called it an 
> ".exe" and refused to deliver the attachment.
>     Is there some simple way around this?

Mozilla.  ;)

But seriously: more well maintained, gives the user greater freedom, is 
much much much more secure, and the price is right:  gratis!

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  Fourth World Media Corporation
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