problem running from a CD on Mac

Leston Drake lestond at
Tue Aug 24 09:37:25 EDT 2004

The file is imported into the application. It is not externally referenced. 
In fact, the app was developed on a WinXP machine, the Windows version 
works great, but not the Mac (from the CD).

At 09:34 PM 8/23/2004, you wrote:
>>I've got a standalone application. It is a slide-show type app, with 
>>about 10 pages, lots of graphics. Has a background graphic that is 
>>grouped (a singe image in the group) so it can be placed on each page at 
>>layer 1. I create a standalone file (on the Mac). Test it and it runs 
>>fine from the mac's hard drive.
>>However, if I burn the files to a CD, everything works except that the 
>>background image (its about 40 k in size) does not show up. This is the 
>>one that is grouped. It's missing on each page. I created my own kind of 
>>message box to query the app when it is running from the CD, and it says 
>>that it is visible, in the proper location, etc.
>>If I then copy the files from the CD over to the hard drive, it runs 
>>perfectly, the background image is visible as it should be.
>You don't say whether the image is referenced or whether it has been 
>imported into the stack. If it is referenced, then I would guess that the 
>file path includes your hard disk name. Use your message box to check the 
>filename of the image and see what you get then.
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