problem running from a CD on Mac

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Mon Aug 23 23:34:04 EDT 2004

> I've got a standalone application. It is a slide-show type app, with 
> about 10 pages, lots of graphics. Has a background graphic that is 
> grouped (a singe image in the group) so it can be placed on each page 
> at layer 1. I create a standalone file (on the Mac). Test it and it 
> runs fine from the mac's hard drive.
> However, if I burn the files to a CD, everything works except that the 
> background image (its about 40 k in size) does not show up. This is 
> the one that is grouped. It's missing on each page. I created my own 
> kind of message box to query the app when it is running from the CD, 
> and it says that it is visible, in the proper location, etc.
> If I then copy the files from the CD over to the hard drive, it runs 
> perfectly, the background image is visible as it should be.

You don't say whether the image is referenced or whether it has been 
imported into the stack. If it is referenced, then I would guess that 
the file path includes your hard disk name. Use your message box to 
check the filename of the image and see what you get then.


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