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Mon Aug 23 18:21:09 EDT 2004

On 8/23/04 4:46 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 8/23/04 4:37 PM, "SimPLsol at" <SimPLsol at> wrote:
>>Using OS 10.3.5 I get a beep when I enter "beep" in the message box.
>>However I noticed this strange thing: if I enter "beep 4" I get three beeps;
>>"beep 5" gives 4 beeps, etc. Strange?
> Happens on 10.3.4 too... I think it's the engine and not the OS. Paul, can
> you log it as a bug in Bugzilla (if you haven't already)?

Not a bug. From the docs:

  Cross-platform note:  Windows and OS X do not execute the beep command 
if it's issued while a beep is playing. This means that if you specify a 
numberOfTimes on a Windows or OS X system, the user might hear fewer 
beeps because not all of them are sent to the speaker. To ensure that 
the user hears a specific number of beeps, use a loop with a wait 
command (where the wait time is at least as long as the beep sound's 
duration) after each beep

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