simple libSMTP send example, help

Mark Brownell gizmotron at
Sat Aug 21 20:11:45 EDT 2004

On Saturday, August 21, 2004, at 04:35 PM, Mark Brownell wrote:

> This is a perfect case for a CGI that stores the data so that I can 
> gather the data that comes in. I've never done that before and I doubt 
> that earthlink has the proper privileges for setting it up. I know 
> that my earthlink domains have CGI folders in each main folder. Guess 
> I'll have to see what they have to offer.
> Mark

I've found an elegent solution by having my app FTP to the incoming 
public folder on my domain site. Now I can write a solution that 
automates batch proccessing of product fulfilment tasks using another 
app created with Rev. So this way incoming e-Mail is out of the story 
and so is CGI.

Thanks for the help,


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