OT: Virtual PC vs "Real" PC

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> Le 20 août 04, à 21:16, Marian Petrides a écrit :
>> No, I don't think you mentioned how absolutely, pathetically,
>> ridiculously slow VPC is. ;-))))
> In my remind, Virtual PC 2 was, in 1997 and under a G3 266, running
> Win95 faster than VirtualPC 6 is running Win2000 Pro under my actual
> PWB G4 1 Ghz with 1 Go of RAM... Just a toy, only able to start
> anything today and finish it next month, if the weather... ;)
>> Besides a cheap low-end WinTel box (the one I use to test low end
>> configurations is a P2, 300 mHz laptop running Win98)  is probably not
>> a whole lot more than what VPC would cost.
>> M
>> On Aug 20, 2004, at 3:09 PM, Dan Shafer wrote:
>>> 3. Did I mention how slooooooooooow VPC is? :-D
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But if you read links like this one, may be something will come up 
after the release of the new Xbox.


M$ bought VPC and  they killed Real PC.
They are going to use the powerpc chipset in their new Xbox.
And .... they are going to use VPC as emulator.....

"Microsoft will use the Virtual PC technology it acquired from 
Connectix last year to provide backward-compatibility with the current 
generation of Xbox games."

If the speedbump for VPC in the Xbox is also ported to the VPC for the 
mac, may be VPC will become really useful.
(If M$ is not going to release this technology may be geeks will 
extract it from the Xbox ;-)

Dreaming on...

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