No one uses W2k (was OT: Virtual PC vs "Real" PC)

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Sat Aug 21 03:31:53 EDT 2004

Er... 'scuse me...

"No one uses Windoz 2000 anymore as it crashes  when you look at it."

- I use Win2k as the primary development machine,  and review on XP and Mac. 
I have found it very stable indeed, I think two  crashes in the past year and 
both my fault.

"But why wouldn't you  shoot for the Windoz XP market as that is what they 
all have."

-  Something of an overstatement, although XP is prevalent. Download webstats 
here  over the past six month period show a 53:47 split Mac:Windows with 
these  platform proportions...

Mac OS
17% (31% of Macs)

36%  (69% of Macs)

Windows 2000
13% (27% of Win32)

Windows 95
2%  (4% of Win32)

Windows 98
8% (18% of Win32)

Windows XP
24%  (51% of Win32)


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