"live" event capture and MIDI

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at snet.net
Sat Aug 21 00:08:35 EDT 2004

Many years ago I tried, using SuperCard, to create a realtime recording 
device, i.e. set a metronomic pulse and trap for mouseclicks in 
relation to that pulse.  If I remember correctly the problem lay in the 
runtime's response to the mouseclicks, which would throw off the timing 
of the pulse.
Perhaps the Rev engine is fast enough to deal with both.  Then again, 
maybe I was completely wrong in how I attempted to use the SC runtime 
and the same problems would apply, more or less, to Revolution.

I imagine that dedicated MIDI applications are optimized to run the two 
threads (do I use that word correctly here?) simultaneously.  Perhaps 
this is an area where a set of external functions written to the OS 
directly would be of great benefit.  In other words, the input of live 
MIDI data would require the receiving MIDI app to be able to recognize 
the parts of the MIDI data being streamed- including the timing pulse 

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