shilling for my feature request [1926]

Alex Tweedly alex at
Fri Aug 20 18:46:49 EDT 2004

At 10:27 20/08/2004 -0700, Mark Brownell wrote:

>I finally found what I was looking for in the basic core for all my
>pull-parser needs. With the help of those at Run Rev this was found:

Sorry Mark, I'm going to have to ask for another lesson :-)

How does this proposal help with a pull-parser ?

This looks (simply) like a scheme to do fast searching for multiple 
occurrences of a string; could give a significant speed gain over repeated 
calls to offset, if only because the B-M setup time can be done once rather 
than each call (or each call with caching), as well as the speed gain from 
a single call versus multiple calls.

But this seems less useful than your earlier
    split by string1 to string2
proposal, which would (more obviously) allow incremental parsing.

Not that that means it wouldn't be a useful high-speed parsing technique - 
I just don't see how it could be used to create a pull-parser.

>On Wednesday, August 18, 2004, at 03:10 AM, Mark Waddingham wrote:
>>The one of most interest is the Boyer-Moore algorithm as this is
>>to be the fastest.
>>So, one idea is to implement a function:
>>   matchGlobal(stringToSearch, token)
>>returning a list of all indices in stringToSearch of token.
>>   get matchGlobal("<a>foo</a><a>bar</a><a>baz</a>", "<a>")
>>would give
>>   it[1] = 1
>>   it[2] = 10
>>   it[3] = 20

-- Alex.

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