Stack is momentarily solid white (or black) - OSX

william griffin bill at
Fri Aug 20 00:40:17 EDT 2004

> Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 17:02:19 -0500
> From: Ken Ray <kray at>
> Subject:
>>> I've looked at the archives (nada) and tried fiddling with
>>> alwaysBuffer, bufferhiddenImages and screenNoPixmaps to no avail.
>>> Any thoughts, haters of flicker?
>>> Best,
>>> Jerry
>> My stacks and stand alones in OS X occasionally open up TOTALY Black,
>> nothing can be seen.
>> I have to resize the stack to get the controls to show up and the
>> blackness to vanish.
> Funny, I thought it was just me... but for me it's on Windows XP where 
> this
> happens. A lock/unlock screen combo will redraw, but it shouldn't be 
> there
> in the first place.
> Bill, did you Bugzilla this by any chance? If so, I'll add my "me 
> too"s...
> Ken Ray
> Sons of Thunder Software
> Web site:
> Email: kray at

Nope Sorry no Bugzilla of this, else I'd have posted the URL to it.
I can't make it happen consistently in IDE or standalone, it just 
happens out of the blue, and as usual I can't
begin to guess why. It happens when opening a stack, either the main 
stack or a sub stack.
I had lock/unlock screen all over the place at one point, and then 
removed them all thinking they were
related to the "menuMode"-inspector menu Button lock up bug. Guess I 
have to go  and put them all back in,
as a work around for the bizarre black stack attack.

Mr Bill

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