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Thu Aug 19 17:30:06 EDT 2004


Thanx for all the advices.

Nevertheless, Flash is far from being the perfect solution
(at least for my project) : if you want your animation to
react and being modified according to the user's previous
actions, you need to set up complex Transcript / Actionscript
interaction (a real nightmare - I've tried before).

OTOH, a "simple" antialiased Bezier tool (for which one could
set control points, just like you set points for a graphic control),
combined with the use of ink & blendlevel & angle properties for
images would allow "easy" (which means easier by several orders
of magnitude) Flash-like animations within Rev with full control.

I've coded such a Bezier tool in openGL within a few hours.
The difficulty is then to mix it with other controls on the card...

Again, at the risk of being nasty, I still don't understand why
neither the MC or the Rev crew ever responded to that request
during the past 2 years or so...

Thanks again,

> JB,
> In my opinion, Chipp's advice to go for Flash to do your animations is
> undoubtedly the best solution for various reasons. However, it is perfectly
> possible to do animations in SVG using a SINGLE SCRIPT, not a succession of
> scripts as you had in mind. (In fact, it probably wouldn't work as a
> succession of scripts.) A fly in the ointment regarding practicality is
> the fact that SVG is relatively new, and there aren't many editors around
> that would enable you to create your animations easily. And writing the
> script directly for an animated vector graphic ain't easy either.
> Your Flash animations would be shown in the altBrowser exactly the same as
> they are in the Internet Explorer (without IE's decorations of course).
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