Accessing other stacks in LibCGI

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Thu Aug 19 13:16:34 EDT 2004


I usually stick to using text files with libCGI, I never tried a 
content stack like that. I would suggest you try one of these:

First option:  Make agenda a substack of your mainstack, this way it 
would load anyway.

Second option: try using go invisible stack <filepath>, on your 
libraryStack handler, load agenda this way, so when you need to 
performe any command, it will be in memory.

Tell me if you managed that.


On Aug 19, 2004, at 10:16 AM, Terry Vogelaar wrote:

> Hi all,
> While LibCGI helped me a lot in building my website, there is one 
> issue I can't resolve yet.
> I have a 'content' stack and I want to access information in another 
> stack named 'agenda'. And I can't figure out how.
> I tried:
> lock messages
> start using "path/to/agenda.rev"
> put functionInAgenda() into a
> That worked as long as I let functionInAgenda just return plain 
> information. If I want to access a field on a card, it fails.
> I even tried:
> put url 
> "" 
> into a
> The space where the data should be inserted stayed empty, while the 
> url itself worked OK in a browser.
> I also tried to mare agenda a substack of content an do:
> put value("functionInAgenda()",stack "agenda") into a
> Same result. If I specify a card in "agenda" it can't be found. If I 
> check the name of the first card, it gives the name of the first card 
> of stack 'content' instead. If I add 'of stack "agenda"' it solves the 
> problem in the development environment, but the webbrowser gives an 
> infinite load time.
> Any suggestions?
> Terry
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