2.5 Beta 2 and verbose log

Bill bill at bluewatermaritime.com
Wed Aug 18 22:53:35 EDT 2004

> This version also ships with a new logging mode.  If you are having problems
> or anticipate problems, please run revVerboseDebug true in the message box.

I had some crashing when working with scripts (after opening and closing
windows) so I decided to set the revVerboseDebug true thing and make a log
so I could do a proper report. Ever since I did that the crashing stopped.
It is very similar to when you open a can of paint on a nice blue sky day
and the fumes from the paint go up into the clouds and make them rain only
in the opposite manner.

I do notice though that writing the verbose log when using the database
controls slows things down considerably.

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