ANN: PieControl

MisterX b.xavier at
Wed Aug 18 12:37:08 EDT 2004

Here is that quintessential stack idea turned into reality again...

I've put in the best features possible into this stack. 
And im proud of its, ahem, smoothness and design...

Check it out:

It does rotary controls - like those you see in
It does pie charts with percents or any values automatically
Chooses smart colors for you!
Shows labels at a dynamic locations from the center for each
pie piece.
It allows live rotation of the graph and labels too
all using a rotary control ;)
Last but not least, it allows pie pieces selection with a dumb
click which zooms in the pie piece! Totally cool!

Download and info at

Next version: 3D, isometrics, radial gradients too


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