Educational uses for Rev

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Mon Aug 16 23:23:35 EDT 2004

on Mon, 16 Aug 2004 
Mark Greenberg wrote:

> I don't see the education mailing list mentioned on
> the Rev web site.  
> Where can I subscribe to it?

Ask to RunRev support. In this way they
could measure the interest of participants,
and install the list again. ;-)

> > Did you have a link to see these projects? :-)

> I don't.  I develop them at home, or my students
> make them in class, to 
> be used on the lab computers at school.  There never
> was a need to make 
> them available on the Web.  I don't have a personal
> web site.  

Geocities provides you with 15 mb of free space.

> In the 
> past I have either emailed the stacks to interested
> people or sent them 
> through regular mail if they were too large for
> email.  All my Rev 
> stacks fit on one CD, and I'd be glad to send them
> to anyone who is 
> interested if they contact me off-list.  

Web distribution is faster and cheaper.
How much space take them? Almost 700 MB?
I have space in my website if it could help.
You could upload your compressed zip files
via ftp and left them in the server for a 
week to anyone interested.

> They are teaching-game stacks 
> mostly for the high school level.  Some of the
> stacks described in my 
> original post are not Rev stacks, but HyperStudio
> stacks scripted in 
> HyperLogo.

HyperStudio has a player for both platform.
I'll really like to see these educational stacks.
If you had a fast connection to upload these
files, write me off-list to send you a password
to ftp the files to my webspace.


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