Strange invisible error

Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Aug 16 14:38:25 EDT 2004

At 12:03 16/08/2004 -0400, Bill wrote:

>Put "birth, nick, notes, board" into tData
>Put "birth, nick, notes, board" into tData
>Those two lines above look exactly alike but the first one gives an error
>and the second line does not. The first line is a cut and paste from data
>generated by my program and the second I typed by hand. There must be an
>invisible character in there. Also if I cut and paste the lines in and out
>of BBEdit to the message box in runrev the first line will only paste as far
>as Put "

Those two lines above looked the same in my email, BUT ...

>When I run zap gremlins in Bedit I get:
>Put "€birth, €nick, €notes,€ board" into tData

This line shows up with  euro (currency) symbols on my machine (Windows, 
European), and those characters are reported (by hexdump) as being char 128.

I think, as you said in subsequent email, a char to num conversion and test 
is called for ...

-- Alex.

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