Is this possible in RR?

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Mon Aug 16 12:15:07 EDT 2004

Le 16 août 04, à 16:38, Frank D. Engel, Jr. a écrit :

>>> Question: These records would typically be over 5000 animals with 
>>> possibly 20 to 30 records each. Would I use a SQL database, XML, 
>>> Arrays, or cards to store the data? (sorry, I've still a lot to 
>>> learn, obviously!!!)
>> Rev binded to Valentina (local DB) and PostgreSQL (remote DB)...
> You could also use PostgreSQL locally and save yourself some licensing 
> costs.

Why didn't i think at this. Tied, probably ;-!  Thanks, Frank for 
pointing us in this direction ;)

100 times true, even for a newbie under MacOS X in getting the cool 
Marc Liyanage's installer at


  or under Windows in using the PostgreSQL Beta 8.0 and the windows 
dedicated tools coming with it at

<> and <>

I'm using PG all the time under both Linux and MacOS X (can help) but 
havn't begin to test and work with the replicator for yet (can't help).
> I would advise you NOT to store the data internally to the 
> application, since you will probably want to use standalones when 
> distributing to the various locations (otherwise each location would 
> need a Rev license), and the data would be lost when closing the 
> program if the data is stored internally in a standalone.

> I would suggest (as an example) that you set up a local database at 
> each location (PostgreSQL would be fine, and it is free) which would 
> store the information locally, and use a central server at some other 
> location to pool the data for all of the different locations together 
> for the central staff.  Include a feature in the program you 
> distribute to the different locations to upload any modifications to 
> the central server when a connection is present.

Same again ;)
> There are of course other ways to do this, but this would be one 
> example you might consider.
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