checking/unchecking menus after a menu with cascading menus

moe2 at moe2 at
Mon Aug 16 12:02:29 EDT 2004

i will post to Bugzilla ... along with my prioritized list of other RR
features which i am concerned with ... as soon as i feel that i understand
RR sufficiently. i am an old HC'er working my way through the RR trial

Richard, thank you for all your comments
   ... and thanks to the others that participated in this thread

thank you for update that there is a v2.5 version release
   ... i look forward to purchasing this!


> on 2004/08/15 3:16 PM, Richard Gaskin at ambassador at wrote:
> If you'll kindly post your note to Bugzilla with the fix Scott Kinder
> posted here yesterday, chances are good that Monte will update the docs
> in time for the v2.5 release.

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