Is this a Rev bug, or what am I missing?

Ken Ray kray at
Mon Aug 16 11:29:29 EDT 2004

On 8/16/04 9:59 AM, "Frank D. Engel, Jr." <fde101 at> wrote:

> on makefold what
>    if there is a folder what then
>      log "Found existing installation folder " & what
>    else
>      log "Creating installation folder " & what
>      create folder what
>    end if
> end makefold

> When this block of code executes, the log shows (obviously) that some
> of the above folders exist, and that others (MyCompany, for ex.) are
> being created.  However, the install fails when one of the files cannot
> be copied into one of the supposedly created folders.  When I go to
> look at what files/folders are on the disk, "externals", for example.
> was created as a *FILE* instead of a folder!  I tried deleting these
> files and my own folders (the ones specific to this program) and
> rerunning the installer, but the same problem occurs.
> What am I missing here?

Well, if sometimes it creates folders and sometimes it creates files, it
sounds like a bug to me. Can you nail it down to one line that is definitely
not working? If so, let us know and we'll try it on our PCs and attempt to
corroborate your findings.

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