Questions about Rev/Transcript vs. other toolkits

Mark Talluto userev at
Sun Aug 15 23:51:14 EDT 2004

On Aug 15, 2004, at 2:55 AM, MisterX wrote:

> Have you tried contacting a publisher / distributor?
> Maybe there's specialized ones for educational markets
> but in general, they can take that load off your back
> eventually.

Marketing software is a wonderful topic.  Something I would imagine 
just about everyone on this list might be interested in.  I have been 
marketing my software for about 8 years now and am not afraid to offer 
some of my experiences.

There are a handful of education distributors left in the U.S.  Most 
are slipping and have gone out of business do to this market going soft 
over the past 3 years.  I do work with distributors and have found them 
to be very effective.  When it comes to distributors that work with 
retail in stores, that is a different beast altogether.  Most will 
offer you 10-15% of their net.  Once you tie up with a distributor, you 
can get locked into long contracts where you may lose control over 
certain aspects of your product.

I'll get off my soap box for now unless others are interested in 
opening this up.

Best regards,
Mark Talluto

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