Stand-Alone Sorrow

Stephen McNutt stephenmcnutt at
Sun Aug 15 20:31:58 EDT 2004

I'm having trouble with stand-alone builds of my application.  My app 
runs just fine within the Revolution development environment.  I'm 
using an iMac with the latest system software.

Problem A:   When I build a Windows stand-alone, it runs just fine 
within Virtual PC 6.1 on my iMac.  When I stick it on my flash drive 
and take it to a PC, I get generic icons (not the custom one I built 
with IconFactory--which shows up just fine within Virtual PC) and the 
app won't open.  I get an error message that says something about 
initialization failing and that the error was 8, 0.

Problem B:  When I build a Mac OS X stand-alone, the program opens but 
doesn't function.  I believe I've determined that it hasn't found the 
data files it access upon startup to get saved variable values.  I 
wrote the following code to get it to access the data files, and this 
code was working until a couple weeks ago:

     if the environment is not "development" then
       if the platform is "MacOS" then --Sets the default folder to the 
correct folder within a Mac OSX bundle (package).
         put defaultFolder into ldefaultFolder
         put "/" after lDefaultFolder
         set the defaultFolder to lDefaultFolder
       end if
     end if

During development, the data files are inside a folder, which itself is 
in the same folder as the application.

Anybody got any insight into what appears to be two separate problems?

Steve McNutt

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