checking/unchecking menus after a menu with cascading

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Sun Aug 15 18:23:38 EDT 2004

> There is an issue with cascading menus and the menuHistory property:

ah, someone else has a similar inability to use cascade menuItems as i have,
maybe my brain has not gone totally soft yet! :-)

> From the Rev docs:
> Note:  The effect of the menuHistory property in cascading menus is
> ambiguous. Avoid setting or relying on the menuHistory of a cascading
> menu.
> This is ugly and stupid, but works:

nothing is ugle and never stupid THAT WORKS

as a teacher for more than two decades i never thought that any question to
me was stupid. if the person had the energy and time to ask, then it was
valid and they deserved my time and the best answer i could give ... along
with the question "did i you get your answer?"

> on menuPick pWhich
>   repeat with i = 1 to the number of menuitems of btn "help"
>     put menuitem i of btn "help" & return after helpmenuitems
>   end repeat
>   set the itemDel to "|"
>   get lineOffset(item 2 of pWhich,helpmenuitems)
>   if char 1 to 2 of menuitem it of btn "help" = "!c" then
>     delete char 1 to 2 of menuitem it of btn "help"
>   else
>   put "!c" before menuitem it of btn "help"
>   end if
>   .
>   .
>   .
> This allows multiple checkmarks in the same submenu, so if you did not
> want that, some additional code would be required.

there is an concept here that you wrote that i have not thought of ... i
will incorporate your thoughts into my code ... my excitment has been
rejuvinated ... this will take some time, but when i am done i will post
what i have if it works

your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated Scott
and i think what you have written will be of great help, THANK YOU

this is just what i needed to see myself throught the RR documentation maze.
i should be careful here not to offend anyone ... the RR documentation (in
the application) that is there, is excellent


> Scott

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