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>>> That's correct -- on the Mac (not sure about Windows), disabled and
>>> sub-menu items are always considered unselectable, i.e. when you
>>> release on a disabled menu item or on a sub-menu item, no menu item is
>>> chosen or reported.
>> Well, that's true for disabled menu items, but not for sub-menu items
>> - so
>> long as you remove the "autoarm" property. If you do that, what you
>> get back
>> is the form: <menuItemName>|<subMenuItemName|<subSubMenuItemName>, so
>> in a
>> menu that looks like this:
>> Test
>> SubTest1
>> SubSubTest1
>> SubSubTest2
>> SubTest2
>> If you pick "SubSubTest2", you get back in "menuPick":
>> Tets|SubTest1|SubSubTest2
>> HTH,
>> Ken Ray
> Ken,
> A misunderstanding of terminology -- I understood the "sub-menu item"
> to mean "SubTest1" in your example above, i.e. the menu item that
> displays the sub-menu.    A "sub-menu item" cannot be chosen, and
> therefore yields no MenuPick message,

not true
put this transcript in the button script of a button with submenus and
cascade menus

on menuPick theItem
  put theItem & "  " & the menuHistory of me
end menuPick

this will show that cascade menuItems as well as menuItems can get a message
sent and intercepted ... so this handler should be able to toggle the
checkMark of any selected menuItem and cascade menuItem

> just as a disabled menu item
> cannot be selected and yields no MenuPick message.
> Conversely MenuPick does get called when any menu item in a sub menu is
> chosen, as long as that menu item is not either disabled, or is itself
> a sub-menu item (i.e. causes a sub-sub-menu to appear)
> -- Frank
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