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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Aug 15 12:47:16 EDT 2004

Wolfgang M.Bereuter wrote:

> On 13.08.2004, at 20:21, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> If I had nothing but time on my hands I've been itching to make an 
>> iShell-like IDE just to show off the engine's versatility.  But with 
>> so many folks already enjoying Rev, even if I somehow got the time I'd 
>> probably implement it as a plugin so folks could use it easily within 
>> their favorite IDE.
> Richard,
> you are in the third year promising that;))

And the original offer still stands: if someone wants to pay my bills 
for a month or two they can have it. :)

> Sometimes in life everybody could/has/should think not only in time and 
> money. I know thats very hard to understand for you americans, but there 
> is a bit more in life than time and money...

While I agree with many European perceptions about Americans, it's 
rarely useful to consider all members of any group to have the same 
traits (i.e., "steroetyping").  Not all Irishmen are alcoholics, some 
Brits can indeed cook, and I've never in my life met a lazy Mexican.

I am not alone here in a lifestyle that includes a signficant amount of 
not-for-profit work.  For starters, as a matter of company policy I 
donate 10% of my billable time to non-profit organizations, and during 
times when I have an assistant that person is instructed to do the same 
(Fourth World pays for their time, as it does mine).

I make a few contributions to this community as well.

Multiply my best effort times ten and you'd get a feel for the 
generosity of a good many people in my community.

For all that can be said about American culture at this moment, 
individual Americans are often very different from the values projected 
by our corporate conglomerates and the politicians beholden to them. 
This is true of most cultures.

> I know you are one of the best scripter here and you did a great tool 
> with MC, what needs much more than scripting...

It's open source, and fully brancheable into any form anyone likes: you 
can do whatever you want with it at any time.

> Whats abgout finding 15 minutes a day and wasting them to show us (me 
> Dummy) how that unfulfilled promise can be realized anytime. If it takes 
> monthes half a year or more... it doesnt matter.

With one limitation:  I don't personally have any use for it.

For myself such a very different IDE is merely an intellectual exercise, 
but I have no shortage of things to try to keep my mind nimble.

If you find value in it you might consider building it yourself, or 
starting an open source collective which could pool the efforts of many 
like-minded developers.

Here's what I can bring to the table:  a plugin to make switching 
between IDEs as simple as a single click.

It's called FlipsIDE, and it's being developed now in my spare time.
And yes, it will be free.

So the question is:  What will you do with it?

In the meantime I'm going to spend today's 15 minutes enjoying a latte 
and doing no coding at all for anyone while I watch the boulevardier....

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Media Corporation
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