sound in revolution nr. 666

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Aug 15 06:41:32 EDT 2004

Hi Bruce,

> Thanks, guys,
> I've changed the script to 'play audioclip "applause.wav"' and 
> imported the sound as a control. However, it now doesn't work on Mac.


I ONLY knew this problem "vice versa" -> ...but doesn't work on windows 

Can you play that sound with QuickTime Player on the mac?

My personal advice:
Use the AU format for your internal sounds...
I do it all the time and NEVER had problems with it...
They will even play on linux/unix (if necessary... ;-)

AU is the only COMPRESSED file format that is supported by the
"play ac xyz" command!

> Do I need to have two versions of each sound? I would then use the 
> systemVersion
> to see what operating system the program is on.
> I don't particularly want to have two versions of the runrev stack, 
> one for mac and
> one for windows.

I don't think you will have to go THAT far ;-)

> Is that what everone else does?

See above...

> Bruce
> PS. Klaus, my street number is 666. How did you know?

That's an easy one: I am omniscient 8-D


Klaus Major
klaus at

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