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>> I think the request is not only a child  sub-menu checked but also the
>> parent. If this is the case, the answer seems to  be no you cannot.
>> Which I agree is
>> a bit odd as it would certainly help to track  down checked sub-menus
>> when
>> you cannot see them, but then Apple is trying to  abolish hierarchical
>> menus
>> anyway.
> I believe the reason you can't is that no event gets fired by releasing
> on the parent, isn't that correct?
> If so, I don't think it would qualify as a "bug" since AFAIK, menus
> aren't *supposed* to work that way.

That's correct -- on the Mac (not sure about Windows), disabled and 
sub-menu items are always considered unselectable, i.e. when you 
release on a disabled menu item or on a sub-menu item, no menu item is 
chosen or reported.

You can, using the Mac toolbox directly (i.e. not via RR), see if a 
sub-menu or disabled item has been selected by calling another 
function, MenuChoice().  That function was added so that things like 
Help systems could find out if the user had selected a disabled item, 
or a sub-menu item.

-- Frank

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