checking/unchecking menus after a menu with cascading menus

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Sun Aug 15 03:34:10 EDT 2004

ALL of the stack that i have written have special menus. some menuItems are
checked when that window is active (like the tool palette in RR) OR for
example the user has to chose a parameter ... the choice is reflected in a
checkmark before the cascaded menu chosen

i am surprised that this is so unfamiliar to all of you out there. i have
taught this in ALL hyperCard classes ... and i expect to do the same in RR

scope out the font menu ... there is checkmark beside the font in use in any
word processor app

check out menu ³Window² in AppleWorks app, the menuItem ³Page View² has a
toggled checkmark

open a number of documents in AppleWorks app ... select menu ³Window² and
you will see a checkmark before the active window

check out ³auto-calculate² in menu ³Calculate² when in AppleWorks

check out the "Button Bar" and the "Address Bar" in Explorer ... both are

etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

where is there a "recommendation" to purchase RR.

> moe2 at wrote:
>> of course one should be able script menus with cascading menus ...
>> and the scripter should be able to allow the user to place a
>> checkmark before menu items and before the cascade menus also
> Where in any HIG is there a recommendation to put a checkmark before a
> cascading menu?  Or even an app that exibits this behavior?
> Of course there are many examples of checkmarks next to menu items, even
> submenu items, but I don't believe I've ever seen an app that puts a
> checkmark next to a menu or submenu itself.
> This seems appropriate, given that a checkmark notes an active setting;
> when a menu has its own menu items but the checkmark is placed in the
> menu itself, what would it signify?

it would signify an active setting ... just as you said

>> where in the RR documentation is there a reference to "parent" ?
> I don't believe "parent" is a keyword.

i dont believe it is either ... that is why i was asking where people find
these terms in the RR documentation ... true i have not memorized every word
> However, searching for "checkmark" with the Search Documentation tool
> yields eight items in v2.2, with "Recipe for checkMarking a menu item"
> probably the best bet for what you're looking for.

exactly, now we are getting somewhere. i have memorized these sections. and
as you see in the documentation that a cascade menu is displayed in a window
along with this is the RR documentation of how to place a checkMark and
remove a check mark IN ANY MENU ... including a cascade menu

now that we are on the same page ... this is my problem. i CAN with SCRIPT
to put a check mark in a menus and take them out but i can NOT put a
checkmark in a cascade menu ... AND i can NOT get the checkmarks to appear
in the correct menu when there is more than one drop down menu with one of
the menus having a cascade menu ... the checkmarks appear but on the wrong

to simplify this question ... i asked if someone could write the script to
check and uncheck the example that is in the documentation ... the specific
location of the cascade menu is outlined on an earlier msg. this reference
is easy to find, since RR help documentation is easy to navigate around

so Mr. Gaskin show me that RR script can be written to check and uncheck the
example in the documentation !   i say RR has a bug here, but i dont want to
be to cocky about this since you people are the RR guru's and know RR inside
and out ... i thought this would take less than a minute of your time

i was hoping that Ms. Landman Gay would code this for me or any one of the
other creators of RR. i still think the documentation is incorrect, i wish
to be proven wrong

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