checking/unchecking menus after a menu with cascading menus

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Sun Aug 15 02:17:33 EDT 2004

of course one should be able script menus with cascading menus ... and the
scripter should be able to allow the user to place a checkmark before menu
items and before the cascade menus also

where in the RR documentation is there a reference to "parent" ?

by fired, if you mean is a message created when a menu is selected, yes. and
with this message one can decide to check and uncheck the menu in the button
that created the messgae ... or at least the documentation says one should
be able to. i can do this for menus but not for cascaded menus between other

for example "Toolbars" is a menu that is checked and unchecked ... i want to
be able to do that with script in my stacks and with cascade menus

> On Aug 14, 2004, at 2:05 PM, FlexibleLearning at wrote:
>> I think the request is not only a child  sub-menu checked but also the
>> parent. If this is the case, the answer seems to  be no you cannot.
>> Which I agree is
>> a bit odd as it would certainly help to track  down checked sub-menus
>> when
>> you cannot see them, but then Apple is trying to  abolish hierarchical
>> menus
>> anyway.
> I believe the reason you can't is that no event gets fired by releasing
> on the parent, isn't that correct?
> If so, I don't think it would qualify as a "bug" since AFAIK, menus
> aren't *supposed* to work that way.
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