checking/unchecking menus after a menu with cascading menus

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we are not on the same page. i created my own menus in a stack and now i
want to check and uncheck them. i can do this but not when there is a
cascade menu in the middle of the dropdown menus

i can see the menus, i just can not get a checkmark to appear before the
proper menu when there is a cascade menu in the middle of the menus. the
cascade menu is ok if it is the first one but not if it resides with the
second of three menus

what does "child sub-menu checked" mean?

>>> is it true that no one can do this and  that there is a bug in RR?
>> "script to check/uncheck a cascade menu and menu that follows  a
>> cascading menu"
> I think the request is not only a child  sub-menu checked but also the
> parent. If this is the case, the answer seems to  be no you cannot. Which I
> agree is 
> a bit odd as it would certainly help to track  down checked sub-menus when
> you cannot see them, but then Apple is trying to  abolish hierarchical menus
> anyway.
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