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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Aug 14 22:19:07 EDT 2004

Judy Perry wrote:
>> One sadly pervasive problem is that too many self-described
>> "authorities" on e-learning mistake the Internet for the Web.
>> I can understand why they didn't stumble across my "Beyond the
>> Browser" article:
>> I'd like to think any "authority" would be able to connect the
>> dots here. :)
> Actually, Richard, they would have had to have worked hard NOT
> to have stumbled across it, as I posted it as ammo in one or
> more class discussion threads ;-)

Thanks for the link.

After my SETI joke page that article is the post popular page at my
site.  At least someone's reading it, whether or not they take it to heart.

> As for some of them being 'authorities', well, remember that
> two of them claimed that Hypercard was 'a cheap rip-off' or
> 'knock-off' of Visual Basic...

If you need to embarass 'em you can wait till they say that at a meeting
and point out that Visual Basic was prototyped on a Mac using SuperCard
(heard it from a Microsoft employee).

> and that VBA = Visual Basic Analogue...

Frightening.  And sad, considering how many knowledgeable and talented
people have trouble finding work in these tough times, while people like
that have "anti-jobs" (in which they get paid to provide the opposite of
useful goods and services <g>).

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