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On 14.08.2004, at 09:01, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> sim-building tool which later became
> KidSim), Prograph, Icon Author, and Authorware are either dead or 
> dying.
> So is it the case that all of the truly visual programming languages 
> are
> gone?  Or have I just missed some really cool work going on out there?

You have missed them, Richard!
let me give you a small list
ezedia QT - QT-Tool mov very easy
eZedia MX - QT-Tool player very easy
Qarbon great succes with Flash format (unfortunaltly now WIN only)
MistralMove (the smaller brothers of QuickMedia) - the mTropolis idea, 
Mac only
QuickMedia Mac and Win MistralMove with scripting
X-Builder Mac only - a lot for 20 Bucks!
AgentSheets a simulation idea - intersting!
- -
Hyperstudio as we know it

more powerfull ones:
Norpath Elements Studio - The Authorware-idea with SQL connection, 
deploy for OSX, Win, Linux and Solaris
iShell (you know) QT at steroids a bit slow - the Outliner GUI!
Magik its called now(?): Java Studio Creator (bought from Sun)
visviva - some like that Win-thing
Anark - impressiv and easy 3D
labview - for laboratories I cant say

and I m sure, there are a lot more in the net.

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