[ANN]ChatRev 1.0

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Fri Aug 13 16:38:56 EDT 2004

Dear developers

After the fun chat we had in the AIM/iChat room I wanted more. 
Especially more chatters. But most of you seem to not chat that often, 
so I envisioned a devious plan to get you all hooked. I made a chat in 

ChatRev features colorisation, slash-commands, private messages and 
many other state of the art chat features. You can start it by typing 
this into the message box:
go stack url "http://homepage.mac.com/bvg/chatrev1.0.rev"

You can also look at the server by going to this stack:
go stack url "http://homepage.mac.com/bvg/chatrevserver1.0.rev"

ChatRev and ChatrevServer are released into the public domain, so 
everyone can do whatever they want with it. a small mention of my name 
would be appreciated of course ;)

Note that you need a place to upload a small file with your ip, or a 
static ip for hosting your own chatrev. for your own server to work you 
also need to make some changes in the scripts of the client, which does 
currently not support multiple hosts.

have fun!
Bjoernke von Gierke

Chat with other RunRev developers:
go stack URL "http://homepage.mac.com/bvg/chatrev1.0.rev"

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