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Dave LeYanna dleyanna at rtl.org
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We do this as an interim solution when writing back to the dBase files is no
necessary IE:doing extractions or queries on the data...


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--- Dave LeYanna <dleyanna at rtl.org> wrote:
> I am converting an old system that has dozens of tables, 50 or so 
> custom written programs and semi-associated systems. I am moving 
> little pieces over to PostgreSQL a little at a time because it is way 
> to much to move everything at once. The old design needs to be 
> reworked and has been reworked over the years by way to many system 
> designers.
> I need to be able to retrieve and update records in the old system and 
> at the same time manipulate data in the new PostgreSQL system. I want 
> the front end to become congruent and transparent to the two data 
> storage backends. As time goes on everything will be in the PostgreSQL 
> backend but for now...
> Dave

Hi Dave,

One option to get certain tables out of the dbf files and into the
PostgreSQL database is to write a dBase / FoxPro application that dumps
these .dbf files to an sql script with all the INSERT statements.
I've done that before in FoxPro, and it's surprisingly easy once you get the
hang of it -- if you want more info, don't hesitate to contact me off-list.

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."
(La Rochefoucauld)

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