FTPd Server Side implemented in Rev!!!

Robert Brenstein rjb at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Fri Aug 13 06:43:41 EDT 2004

>Hi Folks,
>I am about to add a brand new pure transcript 
>server to our bag of code. I just made the first 
>proof of concept of a FTP server in Rev. It's 
>running, it works. I am not releasing the code 
>right now for this will be packed with HTTPd in 
>my nice LibWebServices library. And also, I did 
>not implemented RETR yet, so you cannot download 
>or upload, you can just play arround traversing 
>folders and listing it's content... tomorrow 
>I'll implement download and upload. I am having 
>some trouble with passive connections too, but 
>that should be addressed soon.
>If anyone want to see a shot of the server along 
>with a terminal proving that it works point your 
>browser to:
>hehehehe I just love transcript!!!!!
>Andre Alves Garzia • 2004 • BRAZIL

That is really great news if we can have embedded ftp server.

Sounds like you your should either rename your 
lib to libNetServices or make a separate libFTP 
and libHTTP. What speaks for the latter is that 
these protocols are independent from each other 
and having two libs will allow you independent 
maintenance cycles, also making things a bit 
easier for users. They will also match other 
'protocol' libs (libSMTP, libPOP...). I imagine 
that libFTP will also merge in the FTP client 


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