Cross platform fonts question

Ken Ray kray at
Fri Aug 13 02:24:43 EDT 2004

>> Well, Flash and Director do it all the time by
>> allowing TrueType (and I believe OpenType as well)
>> fonts to be embedded. Perhaps Rev can do the same
>> thing?
> I'll add Acrobat too. ;-)
> Do you remember the Cross World Computing dll's?
> They could load a font in runtime, so no installation
> in the system was needed.
> Did they work as promised in both platforms?

It only worked for Windows, IIRC.

> Cubist wrote:
>> A third option has occured to me: Take the
>> bitmaps for every character in
>> a font, store all these bitmaps as custom
>> properties, and set the imageSource
>> for all the characters in a field to the appropriate
>> custom properties.
> Malte Brill coded a similar solution.
> It's in the RR user's contribution site.

Yeah, but setting on imageSource per character is *really slow*, so you'd
only want to do this if you had a short string like a title.

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