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we don't have a plain dbase file lib, I think it should not be hard to implement a simple one, I just looked at http://www.garshol.priv.no/download/software/python/dbfreader.py  where you have a simple dbf reader. I think your options are:

1) Implement dbase lib on your won. That would be great.

--Maybe I'll have to look into this option.

2) Make a gui wrapper in Rev, use a command line tool on the background to interface with the dbase files (like gui in Rev, dbase engine in

--Possibility. Probably easier than option 1

3) Use ODBC and be happy. Why can't you use ODBC, I am sure you said, but I missed...

I have Windows and Linux deployment environments and Windows users outside the main office (all over the state of Michigan) that have trouble running webmail! Setting up ODBC over the phone will not be fun. The same thing could be said for setting up PostgreSQL until v.8 (beta) came out. That thing installs like a charm in Windows!



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