Questions about Rev/Transcript vs. other toolkits

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Aug 12 12:45:19 EDT 2004

Troy Rollins wrote:
> On Aug 11, 2004, at 9:18 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> I just had a meeting this morning with a new client who produces three 
>> multimedia CD-ROM products a year using Director, who's very excited 
>> about moving into the faster production workflow and multimedia 
>> performance he finds with Rev (apparently Director has a tough time 
>> being graceful under Quartz, and a lot of his customers as OS X users).
> With all due respect, this simply isn't true. Well, I'm sure it is true 
> insomuch as your client believes it, but, they are wrong. I program in 
> Director, under quartz. Its graphics performance is certainly graceful 
> under quartz.

Don't shoot the messenger.  I haven't touched Director since I walked 
away from it more than five years ago.  I'm just reporting what my 
client tells me.  As a long-time professional developer with many 
Director-based products under his belt, he has contacts within both 
Apple and Macromedia and if he has a tech issue he can usually get an 
answer pronto.  He tells me he wasn't satisfied with the answer he got 
on this issue, and is excited about what Rev will do not only for his 
products' performance but with the production workflow as well.

There are no doubt specifics at play here that could be worked 
differently to improve performance, but for him those specifics appear 
to be more cost-effectively dealt with by hiring me to set him up with a 
good toolkit than to wrestle with MMD any further.

It may well be the case that his contacts at Macromedia and Apple are 
wrong, as you suggest.  But it may also be the case that he knows what 
he's doing for his circumstances, and judging from the long train of 
successes behind him I'm inclined to believe the latter.

Your mileage may vary; contents may settle during shipping.

BTW: Does MMD still have the logo requirement for products built with 
it, or has it joined Coder Warrior, XCode, and Rev in requiring only a 
"portions copyright" string in the About box?

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