Questions about Rev/Transcript vs. other toolkits

Trevor DeVore lists at
Thu Aug 12 03:11:33 EDT 2004

On Aug 11, 2004, at 11:25 PM, Troy Rollins wrote:
> Revolution has the means somehow to ensure that the content is of 
> higher quality than other tools do?

Come on Troy, I even added the wink this time :-)  Would you argue that 
Flash is not known as the tool used to create an occasional website or 
two that was more glitz than substance?  This being the case can we not 
poke fun at it once and a while?  Does that mean it is all it is 
capable of?  Of course not.

In my experience Flash works very well from a delivery standpoint for 
web apps that will be delivered in a browser because it enables you to 
create elegant interfaces that aren't reloading every time a request is 
sent to the server (among other things).  The problem lies in the 
development tools.  The Flash authoring environment is severely lacking 
for this type of development (even with MX 2004 "Professional") and in 
my experience with creating web apps in Flash the authoring environment 
was a bottleneck.

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