Questions about Rev/Transcript vs. other toolkits

Chipp Walters chipp at
Thu Aug 12 01:57:52 EDT 2004


Thanks for your comments. Here are some questions.

In Director, can you composite 4 images, one on the top of each other, 
each with a transparent alpha channel, and export the final single 
composited image as a PNG with alpha channel intact? I know they can be 
'overlayed' on top of each other, but combining them into a single image 
with the 'sum of the alphas' is quite a different thing. This is not a 
simple image snapshot I'm talking about.

Can you edit the binary data of a single image? Can you reset the dpi 
for an image w/out affecting the size of an image?

And, can you create a standalone application which can be launched by 
clicking a 'document file' (not the app itself) and load the document 
file automatically?

Lastly, could you do all of this in 2 weeks? If so, I'm just wondering 
why I don't see more real 'apps' written in Director? In fact, I know of 
no commercial apps written in Director, though I can't say I've looked 
all that hard ;-).

Granted, my last spin w/Director was quite awhile ago, but at that time 
I wasn't sure it could do any of this. Come to think of it, perhaps the 
'Flash Generator' server app (is it still around?) may had much of the 
compositing stuff in it.

In anycase, I would say if Director can do all of this, then hurray for 
Director:-), but it still doesn't diminish the serious imaging 
capabilities of RR.



Troy Rollins wrote:

> Don't get me wrong, I'm not down on RR, but I also know Director quite 
> well. ButtonGadget could not only be done in Director without any 
> externals, it would have MANY more options. Director has a full 
> compositing engine based on direct access to C libraries which is, to 
> say the least blazingly fast, and incredibly powerful. Granted, it is an 
> advanced function, and one which you don't often see, but in reality it 
> is no harder than anything else. It is SO fast, that there is no need to 
> render, buttons like buttonGadget produces can be rendered, and animated 
> in real time.

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