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rodney tamblyn rodney at infiny.co.nz
Wed Aug 11 20:05:55 EDT 2004

I've got a copy which runs on my Newton :-)

~ Rodney

On 11/08/2004, at 6:26 AM, Peter T. Evensen wrote:

> Actually MacInTalk was introduced with the very first Mac in 1984, so 
> that at the unveiling it could introduce itself...
> see http://developer.apple.com/technotes/pt/pdf/pt_22.pdf
> Here's an excerpt:
> For the introduction of the Macintosh computer, it was decided (by the 
> powers formerly in charge) that such a computer
> would need something very special to make it a unique event. To aid in 
> this concept, a third-party company was contracted
> to write a speech synthesizer which would allow the Macintosh computer 
> to introduce itself. The contract was signed, and
> the work begun.
> The outcome of this work was MacinTalk. MacinTalk is a file that can 
> be placed into the System Folder of an ordinary
> Macintosh computer and allow text to be transformed into speech for 
> the introduction in 1984. It was felt to be an
> interesting piece of software, so Apple made it available to 
> developers. Interfaces to MacinTalk were published and Apple
> Software Licensing allowed it to be included with developers' products.
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