[ANN] vector to pdf v02b

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 11 17:36:14 EDT 2004

Hi Developers,

Download the stack "vector2pdf_v02b":

This handler now includes Ascii85 encoding and
AsciiHex encoding.

I have succesfully export one image from
RR to pdf. But more work is needed to
make the process reliable.

Now i'm trying to make the Gzip compresion 
of RunRev works with Acrobat Reader.

I noticed that all gziped binary strings
produced by RR begin with the same characters.

I tried to delete these characters but Acrobat
Reader still do not recognize the string as gzip
compressed. Some time ago, Dar Scott mentioned
that the function compress() do not return a fully
RFC compliant gzip compressed string.
If you have more info about the rfc gzip standard,
please comment about possible solutions.

Inform to the mail list about any incompabilities
and error messages with Acrobat 6 and Readers from
Mac OS X and Linux.
If you want to help to write the code needed to 
write text and images with this handler, download
the PDF reference manual from:
Thanks a lot to Richard Gaskin (for his help with 
the codenames funtions), to Jim Hurley and
Jan Schenkel, (for identifying and fixing diverse
bugs in the previous version), to Pierre Sahores
(for reporting on error messages in his platforms),
and everyone of you, who take the time to test
this handler in your machines.

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