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Wed Aug 11 16:17:20 EDT 2004

I am creating my own printing stack. The built-in print commands are not
versatile enough. But my simple gripe is that any stack should have the same
things visible on the screen as what prints when you say: "print card"
unless you specifically tell it to hide or change something on printing. At
least that is my opinion. I was very surprised to find that the default
background for all stacks which appears white is actually gray when printed.
I think it is non-intuitive and should be fixed by RunRev unless there is
some reason for it. If there is a reason I would like to know what it is --

But basically setting the background of any stack you are using to white
solves the problem but doesn't make me feel any better ; )


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>> Thanks for that info. But I guess my real question is the WYSIWG dilemma.
>> The gray background is only visible when you print the card. So if the
>> system gray color is showing through why does it appear white when you look
>> at the card?
>> I have solved it by setting the stack background color to white but my gripe
>> is that he gray color is invisible except when printing and I think that is
>> a RUNREV fault which should be corrected.
> Maybe; it depends on how you are doing your printing. If you are using
> the pre-built Revolution printing commands ("revPrintText", etc.) then
> it could be a Rev problem. These Rev handlers create temporary stacks to
> produce the printout and may not be setting the background color
> correctly (I'd have to go check, I can't remember.) If you are creating
> your own printing stack, then you'll have to remember to set the
> background color on that before running a print job.
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