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YOU are the man.

That worked like a charm.

Your closing question is a good one. Why, indeed?


On Aug 11, 2004, at 11:41 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Jerry Daniels wrote:
>> RIchard,
>> Thanks for the info. I think I already understood backscripts. I did  
>> try changing the order of my backscripts. What I can't do is get my  
>> errorDialog handler to catch a message in my back script without  
>> removing revBackScript permanently.
>> I insert my backscript, then remove revBackScript, then insert  
>> revBackScript again, so that my backscript will come before  
>> revBackScript in the hierarchy. No dice. Doesn't seem to work. Nada.  
>> Try it and see.
>> 1. Create a btn with an errorDialog handler
>> 2. Insert its script into back
>> 3. Remove revBackScript from back
>> 4. Insert revBackScript into back
>> 5. Create another button that causes an execution error
>> 6. Click the error-producing button
>> Does your errorDialog handler get called? Mine doesn't.
>> I have tried other variations of this as well. Remove revBackScript,  
>> insert my backscript, and then re-insert revBackScript. Nada as well.
> I think I found the culprit:
> The "Script Debug Mode" item in the Development menu is set by default 
> in a new installation, and when set the message being sent is 
> traceError, which is handled in revFrontScript.
> Putting a traceError handler in a frontScript should address that, and 
> determining if indeed the Script Debug Mode is being set without 
> direct user action would be helpful.
> What property does the "Script Debug Mode" menu item set, and why is 
> it beneficial to ship with a default setting that's different from the 
> engine default?
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