Quick Rev <=> Flash review

Alex Shaw alex at harryscollar.com
Wed Aug 11 05:17:00 EDT 2004


for this particular job i just wanted to use flash for the fancy (yet 
functional) interface and somehow integrate rev (like i do for most of my 
projects :)

i had explored the flash swf format before by embedding flash [as 
quicktime] and wrote a little tool to inject bitmaps into swf data and 
generate valid swf files etc

but this time i wanted to do something different..

hmm.. i think everyone prefers smooth anti-aliased lines over the jaggies 
so i won't go there, one day if runrev don't anti-aliase rev or integrate 
native swf, i may if time permits like to delve into imagedata but 
basically the other problem was tighter integration ie control.. so 
embedded qt flash wouldn't cut it .. Trevor's mango media dll sounds very 
useful but still looking for a project to use it on

i knew rev was up for the task so .. how?

this proved a good opportunity to also upgrade to the latest flash.. i 
stuffed round, read some sites & decided to use full screen projector exe 
mode for the [flash] interface component and a floating rev control window. 
you can get more separation between interface and logic than two separate 
exes (4 if you include the mac versions) in two separate languages :)

other issues:
- qt currently only supports flash 5 and i wanted to use the new commands 
and components in flash pro mx
- FSCommand (currently) seems limited for future development

at the end of the day rev's ability to run as a little custom tcp server 
allowed communication/control of the flash bit.. i love rev

swf is an open format but qt, svg & swf are not as simple as bmp files so i 
can see runrev's basic problem with wanting to support something like 
actionscript (the embedded language of flash).. another language, need more 
developers etc heaps of reasons but a start would be nice, because even on 
linux delivering the full quicktime experience is limited.. yet i can run 
rev & flash easily but independently,,

anyway this is all still work in progress but so far so good, rev is simply 
a indispensable tool


At 08:37 PM 9/08/2004, Wolfgang M. Bereuter wrote:
>>Re: Quick Rev <=> Flash review
>Assuming you used QT for Flash or is there any other way withotu it?
>But do you think, I dont remember when and how many times as I asked
>for that, a nativ Flash support in rev would be that Killer App(Plug
>in)? to revs real target market, as Dan mentioned before?

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