Profile woes

Lars Brehmer lbrehmer at
Tue Aug 10 14:45:09 EDT 2004

Has anyone ever encountered a problem when building a standalone with 
two property profiles that causes a long list of cryptic sounding extra 
properties to appear in the property profile of some objects? And some 
of your real  properties get the wrong values? Especially disconcerting 
is the appearance of an "id" stack property with two different values 
for the two profiles, which seems to cause one profile's objects to get 
all the wrong values.  It is mostly icon and highlight icon id's and 
some images.  At first I thought it was just icon images stored in one 
stack that had the same id's as some images in another, where some of 
the buttons are located, becuse instead of the icons, in some cases 
there was another graphic displayed in the button.  No problem - I 
changed all the icon id's to what I thought would remain unique values, 
namely three digit valuse between 140 and 230. (the docs say these are 
free, but inreality these are metacard brushes or patterns in the 
develpoment tool stacks with those numbers - thanks rev).  Well, when I 
saw that the button icons were suddenly old metacard patterns, I at 
least thought I was on the right track, so I changed them all again to 
60000 and above, thinking that no other images could possibly have been 
assigned such a high id number.  Well, it still happens, the buttons in 
one profile are assigned low 4 digit id's, some of which by coincidence 
other images already have, otherwise the button is just blank. And some 
images with a simple true/false visible in the two profiles loose their 
values.  It's always the same 25 properties that show up in the 
property profiles of these objects, starting with "traversalOn, 
palindrome frames, blendLevel, rect, hotSpot and 20 more"  The 
standalone is a splashscreen, so if I open the package contents and 
open the stacks in rev and change everything back PLUS do the same with 
the preference stacks this app generates, then the standalone works, 
but this is obviously not right. An extra hour everytime I make a 
slight change, and I still don't know what happens in Windows, since I 
don't have a PC.

I am using Rev 2.2.1 and OSX.3.4  Help appreciated!

Also, still can't use the Polish keyboard, not in Rev, not in 
Standalones, even though the Polish keyboard works in every other app 



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