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Tue Aug 10 07:57:35 EDT 2004

BTW I just recalled that among other projects I had
a year ago, there was the implementation of 2D anti-
aliased vector graphics using openGL.
I had found plenty of opensource code that needed
very little adaptation.
I remember starting to work on it, but pretty soon the
impossibility to extend the language made the whole
project a source of headaches, and I finally dropped it...


> K a *crit :
> > Kevin
> >
> > NOTE: I would appreciate if someone from RR would explain the design of the RR  low level functions so we (the users) can extend the language.
> Yep, agreed. that would be VERY nice.
> BTW this is one of the 2 major reasons why I dropped
> the developpement of an openGL library about a year
> ago (the other one was lack of time).
> But I have the feeling that being able to extend the language
> would have made lack of time less important...
> JB
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