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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Aug 10 03:55:14 EDT 2004

Stephen King wrote:

> Tuviah wrote..
>>MDI, ActiveX how many people need these vs things like answer file with
>>extension. Seems not many from looking at the bugzilla votes. If you want
>>these features, vote for them:-)
> Just a thought on the voting system...If (and its a big if) the user base is
> predominantly focused towards one platform, doesn't this mean that voting
> will also (probably) skew the feature requests towards that platform?
> This is not necessarily a problem, but if there is an intent to spread the
> net more widely, then it could be counter productive?
> Are all feature requsets looked at from a vote view or is a bigger picture
> used too?
> Just a thought.

I think the system is more like a democratic republic than a true 
democracy:  our votes don't determine the agenda, but they provide 
guidance for those who do.


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