ActiveX and RR

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 9 23:06:05 EDT 2004

Mark Wieder wrote:
> Richard-
> It's been years since I've used ToolBook, and I no longer remember the
> syntax for doing these things, so I went and took a look at the new
> web site:
> So far I'm not impressed.

I'm not suggesting anyone use ToolBook; Rev is smaller, faster, and even 
the Enterprise version costs less than half as much so there would be no 

My only point is that if we're going to explore ways to add optional 
type declarations to the language we don't need to reinvent that wheel.

Extra bonus points:  if we use the long-established conventions ToolBook 
already has for this, it makes it that much easier for those users to 
switch to Rev if they're as impressed by the new owners as you are. ;)

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