ActiveX and RR

Monte Goulding monte at
Mon Aug 9 21:27:00 EDT 2004

>As I've mentioned before, I think the mechanism for getting out of the
>RR sandbox (not necessarily ActiveX here) is a necessity for drawing
>in existing developers, at least in the Windows world. As an example,
>if I'm working as part of a larger team and one group has developed a
>middleware library in C that I'm supposed to interact with, I've got a
>limited number of choices right now. I will probably end up spawning
>an external library of functions in C as a shim between the two. I can
>see the questions coming from project management now: why do we need
>an extra layer of complexity? and if we have to write this layer in C
>anyway, why do we need runrev in here?

I'm actually more interested in the prospect of a Rev - Java interface for a
few reasons:
 - an applet object would be a perfect way to integrate custom controls into
 - an external type interface for Java would allow us to leverage lot's of
Java code and also give us a very powerful combination for J2EE clients
 - a reasonable probablility that creations would be as cross-platform as
 - it's far more likely that RunRev would get support from the Sun crowd
than the Microsoft crowd


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